2020 Conference
April 27–29, 2020
The Westin Westminster
Denver, CO

Poster Session

Achieving Equity in Implementation

Ersaleen Hope, Shelley Siman

Justice and human services systems have largely overlooked research highlighting disparate treatment of people with socially marginalized identities for years. This treatment has resulted in over-representation of people of color in both settings. In the past decade, efforts to bring these practices to light have resulted in actions to identify and mitigate disparate policies and practices across system decision points, which have pushed marginalized people further into the system. Fortunately, a focus on equitable implementation of evidence-based practices has emerged within the implementation science realm. This presentation integrates the foundational concepts of diversity, inclusivity and equity within the context of implementation. Analytical tools will be available that are designed to recognize and address barriers to equitable implementation. Through this approach, our hope is to provide insight that raises the bar of implementation excellence across human-serving systems.