2020 Conference
April 27–29, 2020
The Westin Westminster
Denver, CO

Poster Session

Prevention Plus Wellness in the Real World

Chudley Werch

This poster introduces single-session programs that integrate substance use prevention with chronic disease prevention/wellness promotion for youth and young adults. The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for young adults are Blueprints-listed evidence-based practices that include screening and brief interventions for universal substance use prevention. They have also been adapted by organizations as selective and indicated programs in various settings. A number of traits make these two programs ideal for real-world use, including their brevity, positive behavior and image focus, integration of multiple common co-existing health risk behaviors among young people, scripted content increasing fidelity, ease of tailoring to address differences in settings and populations, and flexibility of use with dual implementation methods. Examples of various program adaptations that have been made by organizations in collaboration with the program developer and implemented across the US and abroad will be shown.