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2008 Presentations

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Monday, March 17, 2008

National Center for School Engagement (NCSE) Preconference Session
    Blueprints Programs That Promote School Engagement
    Family and Community Engagement in Creating Positive School Climates
    Connections To Bad Outcomes & Best Practices

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dr. Delbert S. Elliott : The Future of Violence Prevention Research and Practice
    Video of Dr. Elliott's presentation

Clay Yeager : The Power of Prevention - The Power of One
    Video of Clay Yeager's presentation

T1-A : Statewide Initiatives Promoting the Use of Evidence-based Prevention
    Colorado Evidence-based Programs
    PCCD's Evidence-Based Prevention Initiative
    The Evolution of Evidenced-Based Prevention in SC

T2-A : A Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Overview

T4-A : The PATHS Curriculum: Building Resilience through Social and Emotional Learning

T5-A : The High/Scope Preschool Model: Five Supporting Studies

T6-A : Project Towards No Drug Abuse: Its Theory and the Program

T7-A : The Good Behavior Game: A Classroom-Based Behavior Management Strategy

T9-A : Preventing Drug Abuse and Violence through LifeSkills Training (LST): Effectiveness and Current Directions

T1-B : Moving Science to Practice: Frameworks for Implementing, Sustaining, and Scaling-up Evidence-Based Programs and Practices
    Exercise 1
    Exercise 2

T2-B : Multisystemic Therapy (MST) - Advanced Session

T4-B : CASASTART: An evidence-based youth development strategy for high-risk children

T6-B : The Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP): The Care and Feeding of a Quality Implementation

T7-B : Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

T8-B : Community Partnerships for Kids At-Risk

T11-B : Raising Healthy Children: A Social Development Approach to Prevention

T1-C : How to Use Rigorous Evidence about "What Works" to Improve Program Effectiveness: Practical, Cost-Effective Strategies

T2-C : Functional Family Therapy (FFT) and Culture: Regional Trends and Variations
    Florida Department of Juvenile Justice: Redirection Project
    Pre-Conference Session 1 - The Renewal of FFT

T3-C : Project ALERT: From Research to Practice: Doing Simple Things that Work

T4-C : Overview of the Incredible Years Parents, Teachers, and Children's Training

T5-C : Guiding Good Choices: Making a Difference in American's Families

T6-C : Behavioral Monitoring and Reinforcement Program for Middle School Youth and its Modification for High School Youth

T7-C : Olweus Bullying Prevention Advanced Workshop: Questionnaires, Class Meetings, and Parents

T8-C : Being Sustainable: What It Takes

T9-C : PATHWAYS: Translating Evidence-based Drug and Violence Prevention (STAR and PATHS) to Effective Obesity Prevention

T10-C : Building Community Coalitions: Getting Things Done in the Public Sector

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Steve Aos : Evidence-Based Policy Options To Reduce Prison Construction, Criminal Justice Costs, and Crime
    Video of Mr. Aos's presentation | Video of Q & A

Mark T. Greenberg : Sustaining Quality Prevention Programming in Communities
    Video of Mr. Greenberg's presentation

W2-A : Functional Family Therapy (FFT) with Various Diagnostic Populations and Referral Systems
    FFT - Development In Sweden
    Pennsylvania Functional Family Therapy: A Sustainable Statewide System

W3-A : The PROSPER Support System: Integrating Partnership Strategies for Quality Implementation, Sustainability, and Evaluation

W4-A : Strong African American Families Program

W5-A : The Midwestern Prevention Project (STAR): Adoption, Implementation, Sustainability, and Dissemination in Today's Prevention Climate

W7-A : Brief Strategic Family Therapy™ in the Treatment of Problem Behavioral/Drug-Using Youth

W8-A : Measuring and Monitoring Fidelity